A Quick ‘Hi’

A Quick ‘Hi’

I must say, I’m overwhelmed! No no! Not with life after marriage… Well, that too, but right now, I’m overwhelmed by the sort of response I got for that first post! Thank you! SO much! I must say, I hadn’t expected anyone but immediate family or close friends to read but the WordPress Stats page is showing me readers from all over the world… and it is humbling. I wasn’t planning on posting the next piece for weeks after the first one but all that attention has put me in a spotlight and I might just post something soon. In the meanwhile, a small update: Attempted chocolate fudge! And it wasn’t bad.. There is definite scope for improvement but not bad for a first attempt. I wish I could give you guys small pieces to taste but alas! Technology hasn’t advanced as much yet. And being the idiot that I am, I forgot to take pictures! The only one I have is the one I took before I kept it to set. I promise I’ll take pictures to go with posts from here on.  For those of you who like to cook, I got the recipe from allrecipes.com. Click Here if you want to try it too. And If you do, tell me how yours turned out! Send me pictures! It’s not a tough one and it’s fun too! Give it a shot!

About newmrsiyer

I JUST got married... Excited? Yes! Nervous? You bet your ass, yes! We have so many plans in place... And yet, I have no clue how things will be from here... One thing is for sure. We are married and that status ain't changing till death pries us apart. Anyway, today is a new beginning for us. A lot of new things are going to happen. So I am adding one more to the list of new. Now that I've crossed over to this side of the fence, I'll be reporting from here about the exact shade of green grass. For those of you who are about to tie the knot, for those of you who are wary of the idea, and for those of you who've done it already; here is my column airing facts, throwing cautions to the winds, giving tips and asking for advice.

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