Baking and Chocolate Making Supplies in Mumbai

Baking and Chocolate Making Supplies in Mumbai

Stumbled upon this amazing post while looking for baking supplies the other day… Now all I need is a good book on baking… Any suggestions?

Mind Brew

A lot of family and friends have been asking me about where I buy all my baking and chocolate-making supplies. I figured there might be more home-bakers and budding entrepreneurs who might want to know as well. This post is meant to be a ready-reckoner for all you baking enthusiasts from Mumbai.

By no means is this a full and final list. I might miss out on many shops and online stores. Please feel free to contact me in case you are a baking supplier yourself and want to get listed here free of cost, or if you know a store and it isn’t listed here.

postlabel baking supplies

When I began my baking journey, I didn’t know where to buy even the most basic stuff. Being new in Thane didn’t make anything easy. But over the years, I have been able to find out a lot of different shops and online stores…

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