My Birthday Wishes For Me


Yesterday was my birthday. The first one as a wife! This is one of the perks of being married.. I got thoroughly pampered! It was a fun day! The husband took so much effort to make sure I had an awesome birthday! He threw me a party at our place with a cake featuring Om Nom (!)… He let me pick a cute little bonsai… framed some of our best pictures for the collage that I had been planning to put up for ages… and got me a new set of (much needed) RayBan sunglasses! Spent tea time with my grandparents, aunt and cousin and dinner with my in laws. My darling of a sister-in-law came down from Pune with her son (and my biggest fan) to give me a surprise! it was just the most wonderful day ever sprinkled with so many good wishes from so many amazing people! People wished me happiness, joy, long life, prosperity, health etc… And it got me thinking… what would I wish for me? So many answers!! to make things easy, two broad categories; The sane, adult things and the crazy, irrelevant and oooh shiny! things!

Let me tell you about them in that order, getting the boring ones out of the way before we move on to the endless supply of soap bubble liquid and stationary and giant walk in freezers etc..

1. Gratitude: I’ve had a good life. Seriously. Sometimes when I see the crap that some people are going through, I understand how lucky I am to have all my limbs and bodily function (except a large part of my brain that is supposed to make good choices) I have amazing, loving people all around me and by the grace of the powers that be, there are no problems crippling me. I value all this today. I wish that I always value all this and everything else.

2. Grace: Bad days may happen, Good days do happen. May I always have the grace to accept whatever cards I have been dealt and play them to the best of my ability.

3. Patience: My little adventures in gardening have taught me that patience is rewarding. May I always have enough to spare. (Not with the wrong people though! May I ALWAYS have the strength to punch the people who need to be smacked!)

4. Small Joys: My husband always says that it doesnt take much to make me happy. Let that always be the case… May I always be able to find joy in the small things of life.

Now on to the silly, fun wishes!! So exciting!!

1. Endless Soap Bubble Liquid Supply!!:

Oh please God please!!! I never want to run out of soap bubbles!! I think this entire world needs more soap bubble blowing machines!! They are such happy things!!

2. Giant, Well Equipped Kitchen With Magical Self Replenishing Baking Supplies:

Let me be able to bake my way to the moon and back!! Let me make fondant dolls and royal icing roses till my face cracks open with the smiling!

3. Stationary Rain!:

Let it rain pretty envelopes, cute ribbons and colorful pencils – ok maybe not literally ‘rain’ rain… those pointy things will hurt… but may I have loads of stationary… good, pretty, soul soothing stationary..

4. Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

Always! My dentist will probably give up on me but I want Candy enough to make a schoolful of kids sick! What better place to get it..?!

5. PenPals:

I used to write letters a lot as a child. I even had a few penpals… I don’t remember when I stopped writing but I do regret it.. I wish I had more people to write to… (interested?)

6. Truckloads of Furbabies!:

Dogs and Cats and Pandas and everything squishable and cuddleworthy!! I want!! I want!! I want!!

7. Real Live Minions:

Because who wouldn’t want THAT!! I could babble in minionses for endless hours!!

I wish me to be this child-woman combination forever. I never want to NOT be excited about these things. I wish that I always crave for these silly things more than any other materialistic stuff.. Because the day I stop giggling at soap bubbles and the smell of fresh paper is the day I’ve lost a part of me. And I don’t wish that for me. The world can be a scary, dark place if that is how I am inside.. I always want to be bright and shiny so I can find the brighter side to everything. This is what I wish for me… (Also, My ‘in my head age’ is 4 now.. I wish no one finds out… don’t tell anyone!!)

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