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The Yucky Glob In The Kitchen Sink


Growing up, our mom insisted on us helping in the kitchen. Simple stuff.. Setting the table, cleaning up after dinner etc. There was one thing however, that I could never really do without making faces… Cleaning the kitchen sink.

Most of the time, it would be mom who’d take care of that and as I watched her do it, I often wondered… How did she do that?? She’d reach into the sink, scrub it clean and then (the worst part) stick her fingers into the drain and pull out that.. Glob! I mean, it looked like cleaning out Satan’s bellybutton! 


I would shudder just looking at her doing it and wonder how she did it? Just like that… Effortlessly… No signs of revulsion or indication of wanting to throw up… Just a dip of the hand, a few swishes and done!  I was certain that I would never be able to do that! 

I was wrong. I just cleaned out my kitchen sink. It’s been over a week since we moved into the new house and things are still finding their places around here. Since the husband and I have decided to see if we can manage without a maid, we were cleaning the kitchen for the night. While he took care of all the general cleanup, I got busy with the dishes. 

The good thing about having him around when I’m cleaning is that not only does the work get divided by two,  the conversation makes it feel less dreary. So we chatted and before I knew it, the dishes were done, the kitchen was sparkling clean and I was reaching into the sink to pull out the glob. I’ve done it several times in this past year but yesterday, I actually looked at that yucky thing… And smiled.. 

I suddenly remembered standing next to mom, making faces as she did this.. And here I was, doing what she did. I’d found the trick. It had nothing to do with growing up or getting less eeked out by things. It was about being happy. There we were, two adult-outside-child-inside people, cleaning our kitchen. 

OUR kitchen. 

That’s the key. The magical word. When it becomes ‘ours’ the glob in the sink becomes just another thing to take care of. As a kid, I would have let that glob be where it was. As far as I was concerned, it could have taken permanent residence right there in the sink. But now, this was our kitchen; where I made food for us everyday. Where he spends hours chatting with me about life, decisions, morals and soap bubbles. This is the warm gooey centre of our home. And that yucky glob had to business being there… So I took it out! 

Simple as that, yet it took me all these years and being married to learn that. Strange how life works out… And how a glob in my sink can remind me how much I’ve grown up… 

New House: Week 1


It’s been ages since I last posted. It’s not because I have nothing to say… It’s because I make up these posts in my head but never have the time to post! So I’ve decided to make small posts as and when I get the time and work on the bigger ones too and post them at intervals. Nice plan, no? Let’s see how that works. 

Anyway, it’s been over a year since we got married. Last week, we had to shift because the lease on that flat ran out. We could have renewed it but the building was going down for reconstruction so we found ourselves a new place. In a matter of days, my home was packed into boxes and sacks and here we are, starting it all over again. 

I’m not gonna lie to you; it was painful, leaving that house… It was the first place we called home. I guess this will happen a few more times before we finally get a place of our own and never have to move again. 

So now it is the two of us, a dog, and a whole room of boxes to unpack and settle. I’m obviously starting with the kitchen because I’ll be restless till I don’t have that sorted out. 

I’ve also got a bunch of diy’s that I’d like to try out once everything is in place. I’ll share pictures when I get to those. In the meanwhile, check out these boxes and feel my pain!