Lets Try This Again


There was a time when I ran a decently successful blog. There were regular posts, several followers, the works. I used to write short stories and poems and random rambling thoughts. My followers loved it… and I loved the attention! (Who doesn’t!)

When I got married, I thought I’d have even more interesting things to share; all the misadventures of a newly married girl, bumbling around in her very own home, trying to pretend to be a grown up…

I totally didn’t know it is THAT hectic..

It literally feels like I started this blog yesterday… It’s been nearly three years and I have posted close to nothing!!  I have no clue where the time just slips away!

But I used to love blogging and I need to do more of the things that I loved so I am giving this another shot… But this time, I’m not doing this for the followers or the attention (SO over all that!) This time, I’m doing this just for me because sometimes it just feels so good to write!

So you can just pass me by.. that’s fine.. Nothing much to see here.. just me and my idle chatter!

To begin with, I’m re-posting something from my Facebook. I was just thinking about regrets and posted something… I got messages from a lot of people saying it helped them to read it so I’m re-sharing it here:

If you were expecting a life without regrets, tough luck… There will always be regrets…

If you settle down, you may regret not having traveled enough… if you travel lots, you may regret not having found the right person before it was too late… if you buy that expensive bike, you may regret the expense later and if you don’t, you’ll regret not having taken the leap when you could have… if you send your kid to a boarding school, you may regret being apart from them for long spells and if you don’t, you may regret not having given your kid that experience…

Regrets are a part of almost every decision we make… know that with every turn you take. Know, that there may be reason for regret later… weigh your options carefully… so that when regret comes, you’ll be able to tell yourself that you picked what you thought was the best… Make friends with the regret… and then move on to look beyond it and see the good that came thanks to the choice that you did make…

The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side… learn to see the shades on your side and love them… life will be immeasurably more peaceful…



About newmrsiyer

I JUST got married... Excited? Yes! Nervous? You bet your ass, yes! We have so many plans in place... And yet, I have no clue how things will be from here... One thing is for sure. We are married and that status ain't changing till death pries us apart. Anyway, today is a new beginning for us. A lot of new things are going to happen. So I am adding one more to the list of new. Now that I've crossed over to this side of the fence, I'll be reporting from here about the exact shade of green grass. For those of you who are about to tie the knot, for those of you who are wary of the idea, and for those of you who've done it already; here is my column airing facts, throwing cautions to the winds, giving tips and asking for advice.

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